NadiKaPhatak, Jhotwara.

Jaipur. Rajasthan 302012.

Chimney Installation

What's Included in Chimney Installation  

 Installation  YES

 Cost of hardwares required to install  NO

INR 699 INR 599

Chimney Dismantle

Chimney Uninstalling 

INR 449 INR 399

Basic Chimney Repair Service


  • Visiting charges in case you decide to not go ahead with repair work
  • Complete diagnosis of chimney to identify problems like fan motor issues, wiring problem etc
  • Visiting charges if service not taken

INR 299 INR 249

Basic Chimney Cleaning

Cleaning of outer surface, mesh, and inside surface of the mesh with cleaning solutions to wipe the oil.

INR 599 INR 549

Island Chimney Installation

INR 1599 INR 1499

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